The Best Games for Football Lovers

Those of us who love the beautiful game know that it can be hard to get that excited about anything else. Football is football after all. That is precisely the reason why we have compiled this list of the best games for football lovers – so the action on the pitch can continue after the referee blows his whistle.

1. ManagerZone

ManagerZone is an exciting football strategy game where you become the Manager of your very own team. You have to plan long-term as you scout out youngsters for your youth academy, buy new talent through the transfer market and convince your retiring players to stay on as coaches. The in-game currency is called power tokens, which can be used to buy any items within the game or features like entry to prestigious tournaments.


One of the most popular football games in the world, EA release a new version of this game every year. The constant update is a big plus. FIFA 18 comes packed with so much to do that you might need to free up your weekend. The Journey is a single player story mode, where you play as Alex Hunter. His story began on FIFA 17 so The Journey mode on FIFA 18 is the second instalment. Of course, Ultimate Team and Career Mode, where you manage the team of your dreams, are also part of this engaging game.

3. Football Manager

Football Manager is another great football game. Similar to its competition, you create your own team from a massive pool of players and manage your team through various leagues and against other players. Football Manager manages to create a game which is very close to reality.

Try out one or maybe all three of these football games, and we can guarantee they won’t let you down!