Online casinos in the EU

The sheer number of European online casinos that accept international players is mind-boggling. Discussing each one of them would probably take a whole library of books, but at least we can give you some tips on choosing the best one.

Options for accessing online casinos in the EU

In Europe there are mainly 3 different ways in which players can access online casinos. These include instant play, downloading casino software and playing on a mobile device.

Downloading the software is by far the most popular. Many players prefer this option as it enables them to choose from a huge variety of games. Others like the instant play feature which enables them to access their favorite online casino from a web browser.

Many casinos nowadays also provide mobile apps. This makes it possible to access your favorite casino wherever you are, whenever you want – e.g. on the beach, at lunchtime, or on the train or bus.

How to choose a European online casino

EU gaming licence.. Make sure your casino of choice has an EU gaming licence. This ensures that you can report the casino to a higher authority in case you ever feel they’ve acted unethically or illegally.

Wide selection of games. A casino that offers only a handful of games will soon get boring. Make sure it offers a large choice.

Fairness policy. If a casino offers this chances are higher that it’s legit than if not. Players need to know that regardless of what game they play there’s no hidden algorithm that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to win.

Easy withdrawals and deposits. When choosing an EU online casino this should be one of your top criteria. Having to wait ages before your deposit is cleared is as bad as waiting unnecessarily long to withdraw funds. Talk to former customers about this if you can.

Customer support in your language.. Europeans speak many languages, so don’t assume a casino in Sweden will speak your language. Email them and find out before it’s too late.