Using a sure bet can help you benefit from differences between the odds of different bookmakers. Therefore, this can help you make a profit regardless of the outcomes of the event. More so, if you don’t make a profit, you shouldn’t worry because you get your money back.

What does a sure bet entail?

Sure bets are parts of the arbitrage system. They derive from the financial market and allow you to take advantage of the difference between two or more markets. The arbitrage system helps you find odds with different margins, thus guaranteeing a win. However, for a sporting event, you get to place a bet per outcome, and one of your bets will win.

How to Use Sure Bets

You might have come across the term “The bookies always win”. That’s because most bookmakers set odds in their favour. Using sure bets requires you to go to different bookmakers for different odds. Here, you can adjust the margin to your favour. Looking for discrepancies in the odds can help you make a profit in most sporting events.

Turn Betting into Investing

Using RebelBetting is one way that you can take advantage of sure bets. With us, you are in for a win.

The sheer number of European online casinos that accept international players is mind-boggling. Discussing each one of them would probably take a whole library of books, but at least we can give you some tips on choosing the best one.

Options for accessing online casinos in the EU

In Europe there are mainly 3 different ways in which players can access online casinos. These include instant play, downloading casino software and playing on a mobile device.Downloading the software is by far the most popular. Many players prefer this option as it enables them to choose from a huge variety of games. Others like the instant play feature which enables them to access their favorite online casino from a web browser.Many casinos nowadays also provide mobile apps. This makes it possible to access your favorite casino wherever you are, whenever you want – e.g. on the beach, at lunchtime, or on the train or bus.

How to choose a European online casino

EU gaming licence.. Make sure your casino of choice has an EU gaming licence. This ensures that you can report the casino to a higher authority in case you ever feel they’ve acted unethically or illegally.Wide selection of games. A casino that offers only a handful of games will soon get boring. Make sure it offers a large choice.Fairness policy. If a casino offers this chances are higher that it’s legit than if not. Players need to know that regardless of what game they play there’s no hidden algorithm that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to win.Easy withdrawals and deposits. When choosing an EU online casino this should be one of your top criteria. Having to wait ages before your deposit is cleared is as bad as waiting unnecessarily long to withdraw funds. Talk to former customers about this if you can.Customer support in your language.. Europeans speak many languages, so don’t assume a casino in Sweden will speak your language. Email them and find out before it’s too late.

Return to player ett av de viktigaste begreppen som finns i casinovärlden. Det gäller särskilt dig som är intresserad av att spela slots och som tycker om att läsa recensioner. Return to Player handlar nämligen om hur stor vinstchans i ett spel du som spelare har, hur mycket av dina satsade pengar som i teorin betalas tillbaka till dig. Det är ett enkelt sätt att mäta husets fördel i de bästa spelen. Att läsa på om RTP: n i ett spel gör att du på ett lättöverskådligt sätt kan se vilka spel som faktiskt är bra att spela på.

Ett sätt att mäta pengarna som betalas tillbaka

När du satsar 100 kronor så kommer du ibland se till att den insatsen blir 200 kronor, men en annan gång kanske du blir av med hela. Det handlar om slumpen – men inte bara. I vissa spelautomater har du nämligen en större chans att faktiskt lämna automaten med mer pengar på fickan än du hade när du kom dit. Ifall RTP i ett spel ligger på 97 % innebär det att casinots fördel är 3 %. Att den teoretiska genomsnittliga tillbakabetalningen av din insats är 97 %. Du vill så klart att den siffran ska vara så hög som möjligt. I vissa slots är den siffran så låg som 91 % medan den i andra är uppe i 98 %. RTP:n är viktig att ta hänsyn till!

De bästa recensionerna anger alltid RTP

När du läser recensioner av slots ska du se till att alltid välja sidorna som skriver ut vilken RTP ett spel har. Det är nämligen den enskilt viktigaste funktionen att recensera. Visst är det kul ifall ett spel har en bra bonusfunktion eller snygg grafik men i slutändan vill ju alla ha en hyfsad chans att vinna. Att recensioner skriver ut spelens RTP kommer också leda till att spelutvecklare inte vågar släppa spel med en låg RTP, precis så som det borde vara!

Those of us who love the beautiful game know that it can be hard to get that excited about anything else. Football is football after all. That is precisely the reason why we have compiled this list of the best games for football lovers – so the action on the pitch can continue after the referee blows his whistle.

1. ManagerZone

ManagerZone is an exciting football strategy game where you become the Manager of your very own team. You have to plan long-term as you scout out youngsters for your youth academy, buy new talent through the transfer market and convince your retiring players to stay on as coaches. The in-game currency is called power tokens, which can be used to buy any items within the game or features like entry to prestigious tournaments.


One of the most popular football games in the world, EA release a new version of this game every year. The constant update is a big plus. FIFA 18 comes packed with so much to do that you might need to free up your weekend. The Journey is a single player story mode, where you play as Alex Hunter. His story began on FIFA 17 so The Journey mode on FIFA 18 is the second instalment. Of course, Ultimate Team and Career Mode, where you manage the team of your dreams, are also part of this engaging game.

3. Football Manager

Football Manager is another great football game. Similar to its competition, you create your own team from a massive pool of players and manage your team through various leagues and against other players. Football Manager manages to create a game which is very close to reality.Try out one or maybe all three of these football games, and we can guarantee they won’t let you down!

Malta is known as the home of online casinos. The majority of online casinos we have today are based and run in Malta. There are several reasons why Malta is the chosen destination, which we shall discuss shortly. First, let us describe this beautiful land.

Brief History

You can easily trace Malta from its history in the bible. One of the apostles known as Paul was shipwrecked at sea and landed on this island. It has also been colonized by almost all the colonial masters in the world, at one time or another. Apart from that, the island is full of diverse and very deep culture, and also benefits from being a business destination in Europe.

Registration and Regulation

An industry like the casino industry, which involves a lot of cash transactions, needs to be heavily regulated. This industry can move millions of cash in a day. The industry is also open for entry which attracts numerous investors. The Maltese regulatory environment is sound and very efficient. One of the ways to regulate the industry is through a registration process. An outsider might find the process quite hectic and complicated but, as a matter of fact, it is simple. With the right attorneys such as GTG Advocates, the process is short and fast. Players are also required to follow strict reporting guidelines in order to prove the solvency of their business.

Financial Environment

Malta is one of the best financial destinations in the world. It came into the limelight when it became the only country in the world not to suffer the effects of the 2008 banking financial crisis. In fact, the banking industry in Malta is one of the best and most stable in the world. Casinos deal with a lot of cash money and complex financial transactions. Such transactions, especially if they are online, need to be done in a very stable environment – which Malta provides.

There are many casino games online, but not all of them are really worth the time and effort. Casino games come in all sorts of themes and formats, but the main aim for any player is enjoying the gameplay as well as winning some money. A game worth playing, then, should be both enjoyable and allow you a reasonable shot at securing a win. Here we discuss some of the games that meet those criteria.

Divine fortune

This is progressive slots game from NetEnt. This slots game is set in ancient Greece and, therefore the game has an overarching Greek mythology theme. Many people who enjoy Divine Fortune are fans of the fantasy mythical world of the Greek gods and their obscene wealth. Some of the symbols in Divine Fortune include Medusa, Phoenix, and Minotaur. But it’s not all about the storyline and graphics; the game also offers a good way to make winnings. Being a progressive slots game, the jackpot keeps growing. Also, the game has generous bonus features such as free spins and wilds.

Gods of Giza

If you’re a fan of Egyptian history then you must have heard of the great pyramids of Giza. The game Gods of Giza is set in those pyramids and has a heavy Egyptian theme. The slot was developed by Genesis Software as a video slot. Gods of Giza is popular because of its presentation, as well as generous RTP of 96.13%. The game has 20 pay lines and is offered at many online casinos.Other popular games at online casinos worth a mention include Starburst, and the usual classic casino games like Roulette and Blackjack, as well as new slots like Ted and Cosmic Crystals. Whatever game you choose to play, make sure you’re having fun and securing those wins.

Gaming sites are opening up all over the internet with the aim of enrolling players and keeping them. One of the most common features of online gambling is the rewards and bonuses system in place which works in two ways ‒ to provide betting money and to add extra funds for cash withdrawals for players. Depending on the particular gaming site you are on, the bonuses will vary in amount, on the system of awarding them, and their access by the players.While most people will be cynical about why a casino should give lots of money to players, using bonuses has the following advantages:To the casino, using bonuses as a means of attracting and retaining members is a marketing strategy for growing their business. It may appear like the casino is using their own money, but this is money generated by the players who choose to stay and wager on games from the site.To the player, placing bets costs money and the rule of ‘the more you bet, the more you win’ applies. Even for players who do not have much to spend, bonuses allow them to place large bets, and this allows them access to high profile games of different types. There is also no risk that a player is going to lose money because they are not using their own money in the first place. In case a bet that was placed using bonus money is lost, the loss is not as great as if the money would have been from the player’s own funds.Most casinos will give bonuses based on the size of the money deposited or bet made. Regardless of the fact that different players, owing to their financial ability will have different bonuses awarded, everyone gets to benefit.Casino business thrives on bonuses, because rewarding a new player keeps them happy throughout play, and creates a better chance of that new player becoming a long term customer. A bonus program is a win-win situation where the players can benefit from the increased chances of making more, and the casino benefits as it is able to draw more players.

With the plethora of online casinos that are available, newcomers and indeed regulars can find it a little hard to know which one to pick. In the following article we will outline a few of the key features to take into account when choosing where to play online. One of the very first things to look at when it comes to making a decision about an online casino is the security and trustworthiness of the casino. This is highly important as it can affect winnings, as money paid in may never get returned. When looking to see if a casino is reputable, players should look and see if there is a registration for the casino. Different governing bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission regulate all online casinos. Evidence of this should be clearly displayed on their site. Being registered means that the casino has to follow specific rules and regulations that make it a lot harder to work dishonestly. A regulated casino will take care of its customers. A second aspect to make a note of is the software providers that the casino uses. There are a number of highly reputable providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Play’n GO. All of these are continuously monitored to make sure that all games abide by rules of fairness. Even the casinos themselves will undergo annual third party audits to ensure that the games are working in a fair manner that allows players equal chances of winning. Good casinos will also regularly publish these results on their own sites so that players can see the results themselves. There are many places such as Online Gambling Reviews that will also help players find all this information and aid in choosing a casino. There are many aspects to take into account, such as what online money services the casino provides (again this relates to trustworthiness), how personal data is stored, the bonuses on offer, and many more.

Playing for real money at a casino is quite an attractive idea because players get a chance to win real money. To save time and increase one’s chances of a real win, the use of free spins offer adequate training and familiarization with the game. Players are likely to flock to sites where they are given bonuses and free spins as these increase their chances of winning. In addition to the opportunity to learn, free spins also allow players to try different games before finding a favourite. The following are some free spin bonuses offered in most casinos: Free Spins Deposit Bonus – This bonus is specifically given to new members upon signing up. The bonus is usually given as a percentage of the registration fee but there are requirements to be met before it can be withdrawn. A player needs to first go through the requirements before signing up for games that offer the deposit bonus. Free Spins No Deposit Bonus – This bonus is popular because it gives players a chance to play for real money without having to deposit any cash into the gaming account. Given freely to new players, these bonuses can in most cases be withdrawn without having to deposit any cash of your own. Deposit Bonus Plus Free Spins – These bonus packages are given to players any time they top up their account. This type is mostly given as a house bonus up to a certain limit. The players choose whether to utilize their free spins all at once or over the course of time. Both new and experienced players need free spins to reduce their level of risk as well as try their hand at different slots without incurring any expense. For a long time, casinos have successfully used free spins as a means of attracting and retaining players.

Kortspel har funnits i en form eller annan i många hundra år. Man tror att de först uppstod i Kina men exakt när är mer osäkert. Vi har det dock dokumenterat att det kom till Europa från Muslimerna någon gång under 1300-talet. Idag har vi dock alla möjliga typer av kortspel tillgängliga direkt på nätet. Låt oss tipsa om ett par!4494216-shuffling-cards

Black jack

Black jack är ett av världens mest populära kortspel och spelas både för nöjes skull och med hopp om att vinna pengar. Spelets ursprung är okänt men man vet att varianter av spelet har funnits sedan början av slutet av 1500-talet tack vare det litterära verket Don Quixote. Som säkert bekant är målet med spelet att få en bättre hand än dealern utan att gå över 21.


Hjärter är ett känt kortspel för många idag, något som nog hjälpts av att spelet ofta kom förinstallerat med många Windowsversioner, men numera  måste man ladda ned spelet via Windows Store. Spelet kräver fyra spelare och man fördelar alla korten mellan spelarna så att var och en har 13 kort. Alla hjärterkort är värda ett poäng och spader dam är värt 13, men målet med spelet är att inte få några poäng alls.  Kan man dock samla på sig alla hjärterkort och spader dam får man inga poäng alls medan alla andra får 26 poäng var.


Alla roliga kortspel använder ju dock inte en vanlig kortlek. Uno har sina helt egna kort och går ut på att bli av med alla dessa. Under spelets gång kommer man ha chansen att tvinga sina motståndare att dra fler kort, vända på turordningen och annat, allt i ett försök att först bli av med sina kort. Den främsta regeln i spelet är att man måste antingen kunna följa färgen som lagts eller en samma siffra i en annan färg. Man kan spela spelet online här.