Bonuses and Free Spins Offered at Online Casinos

Playing for real money at a casino is quite an attractive idea because players get a chance to win real money. To save time and increase one’s chances of a real win, the use of free spins offer adequate training and familiarization with the game.

Players are likely to flock to sites where they are given bonuses and free spins as these increase their chances of winning. In addition to the opportunity to learn, free spins also allow players to try different games before finding a favourite. The following are some free spin bonuses offered in most casinos:

Free Spins Deposit Bonus – This bonus is specifically given to new members upon signing up. The bonus is usually given as a percentage of the registration fee but there are requirements to be met before it can be withdrawn. A player needs to first go through the requirements before signing up for games that offer the deposit bonus.

Free Spins No Deposit Bonus – This bonus is popular because it gives players a chance to play for real money without having to deposit any cash into the gaming account. Given freely to new players, these bonuses can in most cases be withdrawn without having to deposit any cash of your own.

Deposit Bonus Plus Free Spins – These bonus packages are given to players any time they top up their account. This type is mostly given as a house bonus up to a certain limit. The players choose whether to utilize their free spins all at once or over the course of time.

Both new and experienced players need free spins to reduce their level of risk as well as try their hand at different slots without incurring any expense. For a long time, casinos have successfully used free spins as a means of attracting and retaining players.

Educational games for kids

We all know that our own children are budding Picassos and Virginia Woolfs waiting in the wings. Right? A little parental input may just help to gently nudge them along.

There are an ever growing number of kids games out there that have an educational aspect, but do not sacrifice any of the fun that keeps children interested.

Here is a selection of three award winning apps that cover a range of ages that you might like to consider for your own children.


( 5 years and under )

This app uses fun ways to explore colors, shapes, alphabet, spelling, and math. An all rounder covering all features of pre-school learning, with two free games and nine available for a small in app fee of around $3.


( 5 years to adult.)

An engaging and highly successful app for learning foreign languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, and many others.This uses a system of apparently ‘addictive’ games to lead the student through a series of memorable encounters with the language. Catch them young enough and they learn in a more intuitive way. I never studied books on English grammar while learning my mother tongue.

Adults also find this app very successful as first time learners, and for re-enforcing their existing knowledge.

‘GARAGE BAND’ (iTunes)

( 5 years to adult)

If your little genius is more Hank than Hawking, this will definitely appeal.

The iPad turns into a screen of keyboards or strings which play a number of instruments in all their varieties and in different musical styles. A fantastic app that encourages musical exploration and creativity, providing a springboard that may well take your child into the real world of learning, playing, and writing music.One great feature is that once the successor to ‘My Way’ has been found, hit the red button and it is recorded and saved. Retirement at the age of twelve!

Fun online puzzle games

Puzzle games are an excellent way to improve mental dexterity and relieve stress. Here are some fun ideas to start you off.

Great with words?

If you like words, there is a large variety of games for you to try, including crosswords, word-search, riddles, hangman, word memory and type-matching games.

More of a numbers person?

If you prefer numerical and logic puzzles you can try your hand at code-breaking, identifying a number from sets of clues and even card-counting tricks. You can also play the ever-popular game of Sudoku online, choosing your own difficulty level or setting a timer.

Try some visual puzzles:

If you are a more visual player, you will enjoy online jigsaws and shape games, which function on a principle similar to a good old game of ‘Tetras’. Games like ‘Shape Shifter’ allow you to practice strategy using a character’s shape-shifting powers to unlock levels and escape a maze. ‘Navigate Robot’ is another navigation puzzle that lets you draw a path for your robot to help him collect items while avoiding certain dangers along the way. If you have some time to spare, you can even play an online game of chess, mastering long-term strategy and learning new chess manoeuvres as you go.

Playing puzzle games is a proven method of making your brain that much sharper and your reflexes faster! Not to mention you’ll feel just great when you win.

Best online action games

There is a lot of excitment in gaming circles with the latest cool Star Wars Battlefront, Zelda and Star Fox releases, as well as the fantastic Guardians, Halo 5, and Bloodborne distributed by Microsoft and Sony, which are anticipated to rise high in the best online action parade. 

Three of the most popular games at the moment are:

Broforce: the fast-acting superb heros are tough and resilient in their quest against the evil terrorists, but they need help, and invite you to join them.

Commando 3: this action comes to us after our brilliant hero triumphed against the enemies in Commando 2. Commando starts his new mission in Starlingrad, and needs urgent support to protect us from the mad evil men who want World War 3. There are now more ruthless enemies on the horizon who are preparing to slaughter in Normandy, Berlin and Egypt, and you are called on to use the great range of cutting-edge weapons to eliminate the haters.

Stealth Sniper: In this awesome action game, you are given a top-of-the-range sniper rifle to help excecute the criminals. But to get to the top of the evil organisation you need to work on sharpening you skills to first eliminate the wicked henchmen, because if you do not take them down, you will have a failed mission and the boss will get away.