Fun online puzzle games

Puzzle games are an excellent way to improve mental dexterity and relieve stress. Here are some fun ideas to start you off.

Great with words?

If you like words, there is a large variety of games for you to try, including crosswords, word-search, riddles, hangman, word memory and type-matching games.

More of a numbers person?

If you prefer numerical and logic puzzles you can try your hand at code-breaking, identifying a number from sets of clues and even card-counting tricks. You can also play the ever-popular game of Sudoku online, choosing your own difficulty level or setting a timer.

Try some visual puzzles:

If you are a more visual player, you will enjoy online jigsaws and shape games, which function on a principle similar to a good old game of ‘Tetras’. Games like ‘Shape Shifter’ allow you to practice strategy using a character’s shape-shifting powers to unlock levels and escape a maze. ‘Navigate Robot’ is another navigation puzzle that lets you draw a path for your robot to help him collect items while avoiding certain dangers along the way. If you have some time to spare, you can even play an online game of chess, mastering long-term strategy and learning new chess manoeuvres as you go.

Playing puzzle games is a proven method of making your brain that much sharper and your reflexes faster! Not to mention you’ll feel just great when you win.