Educational games for kids

We all know that our own children are budding Picassos and Virginia Woolfs waiting in the wings. Right? A little parental input may just help to gently nudge them along.

There are an ever growing number of kids games out there that have an educational aspect, but do not sacrifice any of the fun that keeps children interested.

Here is a selection of three award winning apps that cover a range of ages that you might like to consider for your own children.


( 5 years and under )

This app uses fun ways to explore colors, shapes, alphabet, spelling, and math. An all rounder covering all features of pre-school learning, with two free games and nine available for a small in app fee of around $3.


( 5 years to adult.)

An engaging and highly successful app for learning foreign languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, and many others.This uses a system of apparently ‘addictive’ games to lead the student through a series of memorable encounters with the language. Catch them young enough and they learn in a more intuitive way. I never studied books on English grammar while learning my mother tongue.

Adults also find this app very successful as first time learners, and for re-enforcing their existing knowledge.

‘GARAGE BAND’ (iTunes)

( 5 years to adult)

If your little genius is more Hank than Hawking, this will definitely appeal.

The iPad turns into a screen of keyboards or strings which play a number of instruments in all their varieties and in different musical styles. A fantastic app that encourages musical exploration and creativity, providing a springboard that may well take your child into the real world of learning, playing, and writing music.One great feature is that once the successor to ‘My Way’ has been found, hit the red button and it is recorded and saved. Retirement at the age of twelve!