Best online action games

There is a lot of excitment in gaming circles with the latest cool Star Wars Battlefront, Zelda and Star Fox releases, as well as the fantastic Guardians, Halo 5, and Bloodborne distributed by Microsoft and Sony, which are anticipated to rise high in the best online action parade. 

Three of the most popular games at the moment are:

Broforce: the fast-acting superb heros are tough and resilient in their quest against the evil terrorists, but they need help, and invite you to join them.

Commando 3: this action comes to us after our brilliant hero triumphed against the enemies in Commando 2. Commando starts his new mission in Starlingrad, and needs urgent support to protect us from the mad evil men who want World War 3. There are now more ruthless enemies on the horizon who are preparing to slaughter in Normandy, Berlin and Egypt, and you are called on to use the great range of cutting-edge weapons to eliminate the haters.

Stealth Sniper: In this awesome action game, you are given a top-of-the-range sniper rifle to help excecute the criminals. But to get to the top of the evil organisation you need to work on sharpening you skills to first eliminate the wicked henchmen, because if you do not take them down, you will have a failed mission and the boss will get away.